Should You Hire a Private Caregiver or Use a Home Health Care Agency in NJ?

You have already decided to get a caregiver for yourself or your elderly loved one. However, you are torn between hiring a private caregiver or acquiring the services of a home health care agency. Which is better? Which option is best for you? Let us find out. Both options allow you to receive care in […]

8 Early Signs of Dementia You Should Know

As people age, it can be difficult to know if an elderly person is just dealing with normal everyday forgetfulness or whether dementia could be quietly creeping in. Dementia carries early warning signs, and it helps to know what you are looking for.   By learning more about the nuances of dementia, you can more easily […]

5 Reasons to Consider 24-Hour Care Services for Seniors

A temporary change in a senior’s routine may be a coincidence, but when they start doing things that are out of character regularly, it is cause for concern.  For example, if you visit an elderly person to find that the entire house is covered in dust when they have kept a neat, tidy home all […]

Veteran’s Benefits for Home Care Services: What You Need to Know


Our veterans once provided a valuable service to our country by serving in the armed forces. In honor of their service, the veterans’ home care program is designed to care for them later in life when the activities of daily living become more challenging.  Most veterans prefer to continue living at home just as civilians […]

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance for Home Care


Our bodies serve us well throughout our lifetimes, yet, the day will come when many of us need assistance for a long period or the rest of our lives. At some point, normal activities such as getting dressed, taking a shower, and eating become too difficult to do without help.  Senior services such as adult […]

Stroke Awareness – Acting FAST

Home Health Care Bloomfield, NJ: Stroke Awareness

May is stroke awareness month, so as a family caregiver, this is something you may want to learn about in regard to your elderly loved one.